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Our philosophy: Quality and sustainability at an international level


Fromberger Zucht- und Sportpferde GmbH includes our EU STUD FARM & INSEMINATION STATION (breeding and placement) and our SPORT STABLES (tournament horses and training). Managed by Jan-Pierre Fromberger, the Fromberger stud has garnered a reputation for excellent breeding and showjumping horses in Schleswig-Holstein, and in other countries.


Our stud farm always has a wide range of stallions available for showjumping horse breeders, all of which have recorded special performances in showjumping and sired successful progeny.


Our philosophy is based on sustainable and high-quality BREEDING on an international level, and is certainly not predicated on simply increasing the number of horses.


Our SPORT STABLES concentrate on training, tournament presentation and marketing first-class showjumping horses of all age groups.


Our breeding and sporting successes in recent years confirm the effectiveness of our systematic way of working and form the basis for future success, which we are aiming to achieve together with our customers, using our stallions and our sport horses.


Young and talented riders have the opportunity to further their personal development by taking part in training courses with individual support here at our stables.


Jan-Pierre Fromberger

Owner of Zucht- und Sportpferde GmbH, tournament rider

Born on 18th November 1982 in Duisburg (state of North Rhine-Westphalia)

Jan-Pierre Fromberger was born with a passion for horses and for riding – and he turned this into his occupation and his calling: he went to school in Eckernförde, followed by studying to become an export merchant. He built up the Fromberger stables at the same time. He became a state-registered insemination technician in 2002 and has been owner and managing director of Zucht- und Sportpferde GmbH since 2009.

Greatest success as tournament rider, in addition to various placed finishes at national and international Grands Prix: Placed at Hamburg Derby (3* GP).


Andreas Erni

Tournament rider and partner at Zucht- und Sportpferde GmbH

Born on 9th April 1987 in Wil (Switzerland)

Andreas Erni grew up at his parents’ riding school and purchased his showjumping license in 1999. From 2003 to 2006, he completed his training as an instructor and took his professional exams in 2007. He completed an internship at the Bengtsson & Kristoffersen stables from November 2009 to March 2010. He was employed there permanently until August 2016 and celebrated numerous successes (including victory in the 2* GP Friedensborg and Bargenstedt, 3rd place in the youngsters’ final at CSI Gothenburg).

Independent partner at Fromberger Zucht- und Sportpferde GmbH since October 2016.