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C-Indoctro’s progeny prove their quality year after year, at the highest level of world competition.


Progeny such as Casadora, VDL Orestus, Don Porfirio and Nike started at the Olympic Games.


Valentino Velvet 2014 won the Grands Prix in Paderborn and Antwerp, Indigon triumphed at the 100.000$ HITS Grand Prix, Zaire won the Grand Prix in Bordeaux Primeval, What Exclusive claimed the Grand Prix title in Mirlo.  Always There won the world championship for 5-year-olds and Ubalia won the world championship for 7-year-olds Lanaken. Zima A.S. won the Swedish championship for 6-year-old showjumping horses, while Undoctra d’Helby triumphed at the French championship for 6-year-old showjumping horses in Fontainebleau… the list of successful progeny gets longer each year.


Stallions such as C-Indoctro I, which are so successful from breeding and sporting points of view, come along rarely. In Germany, C-Indoctro I has a breeding value of 148 points with 91% reliability!


  • Date of Birth 1990
  • COLOR Braun
  • BRAND Holstein
  • HEIGHT 169 cm
  • BY Capitol I - Caletto II - Calypso I - Sherry Netherland xx
  • PHYLUM 7299
  • STUDFEE 2.000,- EURO + 7% MwSt.
  • PAYMENT CONDITIONS Bei Besamung 340,- EURO +7% MwSt. / Restbetrag fällig bei Trächtigkeit 01.10.2018
  • APPROVED WITH HOLST., HANN, KWPN, S.F., Unire / weitere Verbände auf Anfrage
  • OFFSPRINGS Vedor, Casadora, VDL Orestus, Don Porfirio, Nike