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The breeding stations and stables we work with

VDL Stud

Hengststation Gerard Geling

Haupt- und Landgestüt Marbach

Etalon de Sport, Emmanuel Spinnewyn

This page contains an overview of our partners and their products that we use

We rely on Marstall Horse Fodder in our stables. Our horses get everything they need with Marstall corn muesli. In addition to the corn muesli, we also use western muesli and mash from Marstall.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Each type of main fodder from Marstall (universal, sport or breeding fodder) contains all of nature’s power and variety. Our certified fodder mills produce various great-tasting fodder mixtures from top-quality, blended components.

Our individual fodder mixtures are blended for each breed and the extra PLUS products target specific problems while guaranteeing fodder optimization and variety, and the structure and SPEZIAL products allow accurate supplementary feeding: all this makes us one of the most complete providers in the European market.

Marstall Europa Zentrale

Marstall GmbH
Mühlenstr. 15
87534 Oberstaufen
T: +49-8386-9333-15
F: +49-8386-9333-22


Our equipment and the equipment for our horses, training and tournaments, is provided by Wessel Reitsport. They guarantee to provide the best advice and supply top-quality goods with fast and flexible delivery conditions.

Tom Wessel has been running a mobile riding goods business for some years. The main area for his business stretches from the upper levels of amateur riding all the way to professional, international showjumping. Tom Wessel and his mobile sales units can be found at Germany’s top tournaments, such as Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Dortmund, Oldenburg. Whether you are looking for Trust, Equline, Prestige, Parlanti, Samshield, Veredus, or other brands, Wessel Reitsport always has the latest and best goods for riders, horses and stables.

Tom Wessel Reitsportbedarf
Am Bächelchen 24
D- 60388 Frankfurt/ Main
T: +49 171 422 68 69
F: +49 6109- 249 205

VDL Stud

Bearsterdyk 14
NL-9025 BR Bears
Tel.: +31(0) 58 251 9473