The path to strong progeny


The EU stud farm and insemination station at Gut Osterrade is recognised as a breeding station according to current EU regulations.


The breeding season starts on 15th February and ends on 15th August.
Please submit the breeding certificates as close to the start of the season as possible.


We can provide accommodation for mares and foals in our guest boxes, and on pasture land on the estate.


Please note that accommodation is provided at the mare owner’s risk. We charge a daily rate of 15 Euros per mare.


Insemination can take place at our station and we can also provide the service at your location in Schleswig-Holstein – we charge a fee of 35 Euros for our travel expenses. Insemination appointments by agreement. ↓

If you would like us to send the semen to you, please phone and let us know by 09:30 at the latest on the day before the insemination is planned. We will need the following information:

  • Exact delivery address
  • Desired stallion
  • Name and address of owner of mare
  • Name, ancestry and date of birth of the mare, as well as the family number and the breeding association.

Name and address of the veterinarian who will perform the insemination, if required. We will send a separate invoice to the owner of the mare for the shipping costs for the semen. ↓

We will send a separate invoice to the owner of the mare for the shipping costs for the semen.


If shipping takes place from our partner stations, or from abroad, additional costs may be required for veterinary regulations. Please ask us for detailed information about the conditions.


Please note that a dose of fresh or frozen semen can only be obtained for another horse if a down payment has been made for the stud fee due. New customers must pay the stud fee before the first insemination.


The owner of the mare is obliged to return the most recent semen documentation form with a note as to whether the horse is gravid or barren. A veterinary certificate must exist to confirm non-gravidity. If this is not the case, the remainder of the stud fee will be due. ↓


For insemination: 340 EURO + 7% VAT / remaining amount due on gravidity 01.10.2020.

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All necessary veterinary examinations will be performed by our physicians at the veterinary clinic of Dr. Gunda Heffe & Simone Beuschel. Follicle checks and inseminations with fresh semen for your mares will cost a flat-rate of 130.00 EUR + 19 % VAT for each set of three horses.
The owner of the mare must bear the costs of any hormone treatments or gravidity examinations that may be required. This includes swab samples for barren mares as a prerequisite for insemination. A separate invoice will be sent to the owner of the mare for these costs. ↓

our veterinary team

Frozen semen: Non-used straws must be sent back to us.


The number of straws to be used for each insemination can vary for each stallion. Each dose contains the exact amount of semen for an insemination. The semen remains our property at all times. The sale of non-used straws is forbidden and the customer agrees to pay an additional breeding fee for any used or non-used straw that is not sent back to us. Portioning or splitting insemination portions is strictly forbidden.


By ordering and receiving semen, the owner of the mare agrees to the breeding and payment conditions.

The court is Rendsburg.