BORN: 2015


HEIGHT: 1.69m


APPROVED FOR: KWPN, other associations on request


STUD FEE: € 800.00 + 7% VAT (fresh, frozen).
At insemination 340,- € plus VAT, remaining amount when in foal 01.09.2021


At the age of three, Karaldo VDL already obtained the title as champion of the NRPS and became vice-champion of the KWPN. An impressive record for this highly talented son of Harley VDL. Through his ‘Preferent’ awarded sire, Karaldo combines the valuable genes of Heartbreaker and Carthago. Ridden by Jessica Kuerten, Harley VDL jumped at international Grand Prix level and stands out even more in breeding. Harley VDL produced Grand Prix showjumpers like Arlando (Roelof Bril), Constable II (Laura Kraut), Camelot (Kevin Beerse), Charly Chaplin S (Darragh Kenny) and Doloris (Santiago Lambre); in addition, Harley VDL sires the two-time world champion HH Earley, nowadays ridden by Charlotte Bettendorf, and the Dutch champion for 7-year-old showjumpers Davidson, who competes at Grand Prix level with Callan Solem nowadays.


Grandsire Chin Chin is undoubtedly one of the most influential sires of the past decades, and especially on the dam’s side, the influence of the two-time Olympic stallion is enormous. Daughters such as Qerly Chin, Usha van’t Roosakker and Ta Belle van Sombeke stood at the basis of a countless number of international showjumpers. Great-grandsire Polydox brings in the valuable genes of Polydor and has also been very influential, especially on the dam’s side.


Karaldo VDL was bred out of the ‘Preferent’ awarded mare Waldine, who already produced the 1.40m showjumper Di Vadine. In addition, Waldine is the half-sister of the Grand Prix showjumper Seraldo (Clara Lindner) and out of this direct damline successful showjumpers like Woody (Katharina Offel) and both KWPN stallions Faldo and Graziano were bred as well.

Harley Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Larthago Carthago
Daisy IV
Waldine Chin Chin Constant
Nadine Polydox