“We want to achieve the best possible for our horses and students”


Our stallion station always has a high-quality selection of stud stallions ready for breeders of jumping horses, which have proven themselves through special achievements in show jumping as well as with successful offspring.

Our philosophy is sustainable and qualitative BREEDING on an international level.

Our TOURNAMENT & TRAINING STABLE focuses on the training, tournament presentation and marketing of first-class jumping horses of all ages.

Our training & tournament stable looks after from the 2-year-old stallion candidate to the licensed stallion in sports use, from the young mare to the finished course specialist, whether for the upscale amateur sport or to the international young hope.

The horses entrusted to us are trained, promoted and presented at tournaments and shows just like our own horses.

We are also happy to help you with the marketing of your horse.
Contact us, whether for training, show presentation or marketing of your horses!

Likewise, riders with their horses are welcome for short or long-term training stays with us!
Whether for simple training on our facility (jumping or dressage) or for further support for tournament preparation up to tournament support and management, we are happy to help you!